The Department of Geography at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a highly-ranked, research oriented department with strong connections to a number of social sciences units on campus. The department has a reputation for work in heterodox economic and urban geography. Its work programme has been focused around the following issues: the regulation and governance of economies, labour and location, globalization and 'world city' formation, and networks and regional economic development. The department maintains urban research sites in a number of locations around the world, the most sustained of the ongoing research programmes being focused on Chicago, New York, Singapore, Vancouver, and Manchester.


Resources to be deployed for implementation of DEMOLOGOS:

The DEMOLOGOS research team draws on the expertise of three senior researchers. Jamie Peck, who will co-ordinate the group, is Professor of Geography and Sociology at UW-Madison. His work focuses on state restructuring (particularly in relation to welfare and urban economic development), labour market policy, and theories of economic governance. Peck has extensive experience of the use of qualitative research methods in projects focusing on urban political-economic change and the reform of city-governance systems. The second member of the team, Kris Olds is an Associate Professor of Geography at UW-Madison with expertise in globalization studies and comparative urban transformations, particularly in the Pacific Rim economies. Thirdly, Nik Theodore is Director of the Center for Urban Economic Development at the University of Illinois at Chicago. An urban planner by training, he has research interests in neighbourhood economic development, labour market restructuring, and workforce development policies. Peck and Theodore have been research collaborators for a number of years, undertaking a series of large-scale projects for the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Fund. This group will be complemented by a junior researcher, with experience in urban development issues in the United States, who will work on a continuing basis on the project.


Website: http://feature.geography.wisc.edu/




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