Jamie Peck

Jamie Peck is Professor of Geography and Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, where he is affiliated to the Department of Urban and Regional Planning and the Institute for Research on Poverty. He is also a Senior Research Associate at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Center for Urban Economic Development. Prior to moving to the United States in 2000, Jamie Peck was Professor of Geography at the University of Manchester. His research interests are in theories of economic regulation and governance, urban and regional development, labour markets, welfare reform and workfare, and urban politics. His research in these areas has been supported by the European Commission, the Ford Foundation, the UK Department of Employment and Manpower Services Commission, the Leverhulme Trust, the Economic and Social Research Council, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and numerous local agencies.



Recent Publications:

  • 2003 (edited with Henry Wai-chung Yeung) Remaking the global economy: economic-geographical perspectives. Sage, London,.
  • 2003 (edited with Trevor Barnes, Eric Sheppard and Adam Tickell) Reading economic geography. Blackwell, Oxford.
  • 2002 (edited with Kevin Ward) City of revolution: restructuring Manchester. Manchester University Press, Manchester.
  • 2002 Labor, zapped/growth, restored? Three moments of neoliberal restructuring in the American labor market. Journal of Economic Geography 2(1) 179-220.
  • 2002 (with Adam Tickell) Neoliberalizing space. Antipode 34(3) 380-404.
  • 2002 Political economies of scale: fast policy, interscalar relations, and neoliberal workfare. Economic Geography 78(3) 331-360.


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