Florian Wukovitsch

Florian Wukovitsch is economist with a main focus on urban and regional development. He studied at the Vienna University of Economics and B. A. and the University of Sussex, where he specialised in the analysis of EU regional policies and their impact on European regions. He is currently working as research assistant and lecturer at the Institute for Economic Geography, Regional Development and Environmental Management at the Vienna University of Economics and B.A., where he is also preparing his doctoral thesis. Besides he is also lecturer for the Institute of International Development at the University of Vienna. Mr. Wukovitsch has several years of experience in European research projects in the field of urban development and innovation.



Recent Publications:

  • 2004 Glocalisations: The Political-Economy of Rescaling, Temple University Press, (forthcoming).
  • 2003 (with F. Moulaert and A Rodriguez) Globalising Urbanisation, Oxford University Press.
  • 2003 Flows of Power, Oxford University Press, Oxford.



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