Andreas Novy

Andreas Novy is Associate Professor at the department of City and Regional Development at Institute of Economic Geography, Regional Development and Environmental Economics at the University of Economics and Business Administration. His research interest focuses on such diverse topics as urban and regional development, development economics, political economy, comparative developmental analyses, philosophy of science and discourse analysis.

He has experience in managing national funds as well as EU-projects. In 1996 he coordinated a pre-project of ALFA (America Latina Formacion Academica) on „"MERCOSUR - UE", project number 3.0114.7. From 1997 to 1999 he was in charge of the Austrian case study of URSPIC - Urban Redevelopment and Social Polarization in the City", a F5-project. Since 2001 he has been in charge of the Austrian Case study of SINGOCOM, a FP 5 project on 'Social Innovation and Governance in Urban Communities'.



Recent Publications:

  • 2003 (with Redak, V., Becker, J.) Modernizing or Polarizing Vienna? In: Swyngedouw, E. et al., The Globalized City, London: OUP (forthcoming)
  • 2002. Entwicklung gestalten. Gesellschaftsveränderung in der Einen Welt. Geschichte - Entwicklung - Globalisierung (GEG) 5. Frankfurt/Wien: Brandes&Apsel/Südwind (in spanish: Otro mundo es posible. San Salvador: CIDEP)



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