Johannes Jäger

Johannes Jäger is Assistant Professor at the Department of International Economics and Development Planning (Institute of Economics) at the University of Economics and Business Administration in Vienna. His research interests include political economy, international economics, development economics, political ecology and urban and regional studies. He has participated in research projects at the Austrian Academy of Sciences and co-ordinated various research projects at the Institute for Political-Economic Research, Vienna.



Recent Publications:

  • 2003 Urban Land Rent Theory. A Regulationist Perspective. In: International Journal of Urban and Regional research vol. 27 (2)
  • 2002 Economía Política de las Políticas Sociales: Chile y Uruguay en el Contexto Latinoamericano. In: Indicadores Econômicos FEE, vol. 30 (3)
  • 2002 Eine regulationstheoretische Konzeptualisierung der Theorie der Bodenrente. Politökonomischer Entwicklungsprozess und Urbane Raumstruktur in Wien und Montevideo. Vienna.



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