The economic geography research groups is one of the premier research clusters within the SOGE (School of Geography and the Environment). It consists of Prof. Gordon Clark, Dr. Erik Swyngedouw, Dr. John Preston, and Dr. William Macmillan. The research team of Dr. Erik Swyngedouw will participate in DEMOLOGOS and will consist of Dr. Swyngedouw and one junior researcher. The research group has worked on institutional development theory and practice, investment analysis and strategies, economic modelling, urban and regional development.

Dr. Swyngedouw has a long-standing research experience on questions of urban and regional economic development, political economy, regulation theory, globalisation, and Marxist theories of uneven development and of urbanisation. He has undertaken empirical research on urban and regional economic development in Belgium, France, the UK and the USA. His research team has participated in several EU and national council-funded research projects related to issues of development, innovation, and socio-economic spatial change. His unit is supported by the institutional and administrative logistics provided by the School of Geography and the Environment and the University of Oxford, both of which have considerable managerial expertise and experience in managing large research projects.


Resources to be deployed for implementation of DEMOLOGOS:

The team that will work on DEMOLOGOS consists of two researchers. Erik Swyngedouw is University Reader in Economic Geography at Oxford University. His contribution will concentrate on charting the contributions of Marxist economic theory, world systems analysis, dependency theory, and regulation theory, in addition to working on the relationships between state and economic development. A junior researcher will be hired to undertake the empirical work, focusing on the case of the economic development trajectory and its theoretical explanation of the Brussels metropolitan economic region. A broadly political-economic perspective will be mobilised that will combine, in an innovative manner, the historical-theoretical contributions of the schools of thought explored by the DEMOLOGOS project. Together with the coordinator, the team will coordinate WP2 (D2.1) and together with partner 3, it will coordinate WP2 (D2.2). Together with the coordinator and Partners 3 and 4, it will coordinate the design of the case-study methodology. It will also be involved in producing M18 report to the EU.

The research team will draw on the considerable theoretical and academic resource base both within the School of Geography and in the wider university, particularly including expertise from the departments of economics, politics, and business management.


Website: http://www.geog.ox.ac.uk

Contact: erik.swyngedouw@geog.ox.ac.uk




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