The Research Centre 'OASI - Dipartimento di progettazione per la città, il paesaggio e il territorio' (Department of city, landscape, and territory design) is a newly formed research structure, at the School of Architecture of the 'Mediterranean' University of Reggio Calabria (formally established as of January 1, 2003). The multidisciplinary character of its research approach is written in its founding statute. The new Department pools scholars coming from different other research structures of the university, ranging from economists, to environmentalists, to historians, to planners, to urban and landscape designers. The main object of OASI's research and project activities is “territory”, seen as the result, both in its formal and structural dimensions, of complex economic, social, political relationships, within particular historical institutional contexts, at various spatial levels.


Resources to be deployed for implementation of DEMOLOGOS:

The team that will work on DEMOLOGOS, consists of three people. Flavia Martinelli is a specialist in regional development and policy studies, with particular attention to lagging regions, within a 'Gramscian' approach. Her most recent work focuses on a reappraisal of the evolution of post-WWII Italian regional policy in the light of the national political, economic and institutional changes and the role played by Southern society. Giuseppe Fera is a specialist in urban planning, with particular attention to the evolution of planning theories and tools, sustainability and participatory practices. His most recent work is a historical reappraisal of urban forms and planning theories. A Junior Researcher with a planning profile will be hired to work full time on DEMOLOGOS. Another Junior Researcher will be hired in the last year of the project with the specific task of collaborating to the case studies work. The team will obviously also draw on the pool of other expertise working in OASI. Progresses in DEMOLOGOS will be socialised, as are all projects within the department, for cross-fertilisation and mutual enrichment

The coordinator of Partner 3 will be involved in the overall coordination of WP2 (D2.2) and WP3 (case-study methodology) and will also co-produce the M12 and M24 report to the EU.


Website: www.unirc.it/architettura/dipartimenti/oasi/

Contact: fmartinelli@unirc.it




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