Jacques Nussbaumer

Jacques Nussbaumer is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Science and Technology (Lille, France). His PhD Thesis was focusing on the role of culture and institutions in the debates on local development, enhancing the contribution of the German Historical School. His research covers many topics relevant to DEMOLOGOS: History of regional economics, urban and regional development, economic methodology (mutlidisciplinary approach).



Recent Publications:

  • 2003 (with Moulaert, Frank) Innovative region, social region? Beyond the learning region. (Article submitted to Environment and Planning D.)
  • 2002 (with Moulaert, Frank) The economy of the large European city. The social benefits of articulated productivity, in Siebel W. ed. The European City. Berlin: Suhrkamp.
  • 2002 (with Moulaert, Frank) Beyond the learning region: the dialectics of innovation and culture in territorial development, in R. Kloosterman and R. Boschma eds. Regions and Innovation. Kluwer Academic Press, à paraître.



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