IFRESI-CNRS is a 'federal' institute of research, bringing together a number of different research units. It includes scientists from various disciplines of social sciences: economics, sociology, history, geography, business, political sciences and law. The main problematics researched are the transformation of the industrial and economic structure and the dynamics of cities and territories. IFRESI has developed European expertise on local development and social inclusion with several reports on European case-studies for the European Commission. The emphasis on interdisciplinarity is important and empirical and theoretical research is characterised by a willingness to undertake a dialog between the different disciplines.


Resources to be deployed for implementation of DEMOLOGOS:

The researchers that are involved in the DEMOLOGOS project are working on different but complementary fields. Gérard Gayot is Professor of modern history at the University of Lille 3, director of IFRESI. He is a specialist of the economic history of the industrial revolution in Europe. Jacques Nussbaumer is a post-doctoral researcher and works on regional economics, especially on the role of culture and institutions in the debates on local development. Jean-François Eck is Professor of contemporary economic history at the University of Lille 3, and is a specialist in international financial relations (20th century). Other experts include Mr. Minard and Mrs. Maitte. This collaboration is important in order to develop strong knowledge on the information society and its various aspects.






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