Jean-François Eck

Jean-François Eck is professor of contemporary economic history at the University of Lille 3 (France). His scientific researches are about relations between French and German economies since 1945 : private companies, chambers of commerce, economic policiesÉ He is too interested in French employers and in space organization in France during the 20th century. He is at present time preparing a scientific meeting, in collaboration with colleagues from Ruhr University, in Bochum, about the conversion of coal districts after 1945, mainly in North of France and Ruhr area. This meeting will be held in Lille, in November 2003.



Recent Publications:

  • 2003 - Les entreprises françaises et l'Allemagne de 1945 à la fin des années 1960, Paris, Comité d'histoire économique et financière (accepted for publication in autumn).
  • 2002 (with Raymond Dartevelle), Les archives des entreprises aux sources de l'histoire économique, in Fondation Singer-Polignac, Les archives au fil du temps, actes de colloque, Paris, Perrin.
  • 2002 (with Michel Lescure, eds), Villes et districts industriels en Europe occidentale XVIIe-XXe siècles, Tours, Publications de l'Université François Rabelais.



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