Ngai-Ling Sum

Ngai-Ling Sum is Lecturer in Politics at Lancaster University (UK) and a specialist on East Asian political economy. Her most recent work is concerned with "Greater China" in the information age, especially the transfer of the Silicon Valley model to East Asia following the Asian crisis. Earlier work focused on Hong Kong as an entrepreneurial city, cross-border regions, and capitalism in newly-industrializing East Asian economies.


Recent Publications:

  • 2003 'Informational Capitalism and U.S. Economic Hegemony: Resistance and Adaptations in East Asia', Critical Asian Studies (in press).
  • 2003 '(Re-)Imagining "Greater China": Silicon Valley and the Strategy of Siliconization' in C. Hughes and G. Wacker (eds) China and the Internet: Politics of the Digital Leap Forward, London: RoutledgeCurzon, 102-126.
  • 2002 Globalization, Regionalization and Cross-Border Regions, edited with M. Perkmann, London: Palgrave (International Political Economy series).
  • 2002 'Globalization, Regionalization and Cross-Border Modes of Growth in East Asia: the (Re-)Constitution of "Time-Space Governance"', in M. Perkmann and N-L. Sum (eds) Globalization, Regionalization and Cross-Border Regions, London: Palgrave, 50-74.
  • 2002 'Globalization and Hong Kong's Entrepreneurial City Strategies: Contested Visions and the Remaking of City Governance in (Post-) Crisis Hong Kong', in J. Logan (ed.) The New Chinese City: Globalization and Market Reform, Oxford: Blackwell, 74-91.



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