Bob Jessop

Bob Jessop is Director of the Institute for Advanced Social and Management Studies and Professor of Sociology at Lancaster University (UK). His interests include state theory; Marxist and institutional political economy; governance; the dialectics of scale; the political economy of post-war Britain; changes in the state and welfare regimes; entrepreneurial cities; and the (il)logic of globalization. He has published 10 books, 22 edited or co-edited books or special issues of journals, 101 book chapters, and 60 refereed journal articles.




Recent EU Funded Projects:

Has received funding from the EU to research regional policy in post-socialist economies, the ESRC for work on local governance and economic and social policy; and from the Danish Research Council for research on welfare restructuring.


Recents Books:

  • 2002 The Future of the Capitalist State (Cambridge: Polity, 2002) State/Space (Oxford: Blackwell, co-edited with Neil Brenner, Martin Jones, and Gordon MacLeod)
  • 2001 Regulation Theory and the Crisis of Capitalism (5 volume edited collection) (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar)


Recent Relevant Journal Articles:

  • 2002 'Liberalism, Neoliberalism and Urban Governance', Antipode, 34 (3), 452-72.
  • 2001 'Institutional (Re)turns and the Strategic-Relational Approach', Environment and Planning A, 33 (7), 1213-1237.
  • 1997 'Twenty Years of the Regulation Approach: the paradox of success and failure at home and abroad', New Political Economy, 2 (3), 499-522.


Recent relevant book chapters:

  • 2002 'The Political Economy of Scale', in M. Perkmann and N. Sum, eds., Globalization, Regionalization, and Cross-Border Regions, Basingstoke: Palgrave, 25-49.
  • 1997 'The Entrepreneurial City', in N. Jewson and S. MacGregor, eds., Realising Cities: New Spatial Divisions and Social Transformation, London: Routledge, 28-41.



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