Alvin Y. So

Alvin Y. So is Professor of Sociology at Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. He is a long-standing specialist in world systems theory and its application to Asia, especially China; he has also made major contributions to Asian urban regional studies, to the development and transformation of Hong Kong (including post-1997 Hong Kong), and environmental problems in Asia.



Recent Relevant Publications:

  • 2003 'Hong Kong's Pathways to Global City: A Regional Analysis', in J. Gugler, ed., World City in Poor Countries, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • 2002 China's Developmental Miracle: Origins, Transformations, and Challenges. Armonk: M.E. Sharpe (edited volume).
  • 2002 'Studies of the Pearl River Delta, New Findings and Research Agenda', in K.Y. Wong and J. Shen, eds, Resource Management, Urbanization, and Governance in Hong Kong and the Zhujiang Delta, Hong Kong: Chinese University Press, 295-307.
  • 2001 The Chinese Triangle of Mainland-Taiwan-Hong Kong, Westport: Greenwood (co-edited with N. Lin and D. Poston).
  • 2001 'The Chinese Developmental Miracle: Origins, Characteristics, and Challenges', Asian Perspective, 25 (4), 5-31.



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