Valorisation Conference:

DEMOLOGOS Valorisation Conference, Newcastle
Friday 16, Saturday 17 November, 2007

Room 2.22, Research Beehive, Old Library Building (Level 2), Newcastle University
Contact: Global Urban Research Unit, +44 (0)191 222 5900

Thu: Travel in
Fri, Sat: Working days
Sun: Travel out, Excursion
Day 1 Day 2

Participants: About 50
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Day 1 – Friday 16 November, 2007

Hour Activity Papers/Presentations
08:45 Coffee and Welcome by Newcastle Team – Welcome words by Mr Tim Shaw, Head of APL School – Dr Ronan O´Brien (EC, DG Research, SSH)
09:15 Session 1 – Chair: Flavia Martinelli "DEMOLOGOS: Development Models and Logics of Socio-Economic Organization in Space" – Frank Moulaert

The presentation will show the "DEMOLOGOS flow" by introducing the research questions, the themes, the Workpackages, and the relationships between literature survey (ABC papers), theoretical syntheses (TSPs), and methodology for case-study analysis.
  Session 1
09:45 Discussants: Andy Pike, Marica Frangakis (15 min each)
10:05 General discussion
10:05 Coffee / Tea
09:15 Session 2 – Chair: Erik Swyngedouw "The role of theory and meta–theory in studying socio–economic development models" – Bob Jessop (Presented by Erik Swyngedouw)

This paper/presentation will be based on the role of the TSPs and their synthesis/ integration to deal with the DEMOLOGOS problematic. It will also explain how TSP (and synthesis) as meta–theory can be used in a flexible way according to the specific problematic and thematic foci of case–studies.
  Session 2
11:45 Discussants: Ray Hudson - Odoardo Como
12:05 Discussion
12:45 Lunch
14:15 Session 3 – Chair: Frank Moulaert "A methodology for empirical research on spatial socio–economic development. With illustrations from case–studies" – (Andreas Novy, Flavia Martinelli)

This paper/presentation will put forward the multiscalar methodological framework used for the Case-studies.
  Session 3
15:00 Discussants: Beate Littig – Jenn-Hwan Wang
15:20 Discussion
16:00 Coffee/Tea
14:15 Session 4 – Chair: Frank Moulaert "Case–studies, part 1: Pearl River Delta and London" Brief introduction: a typology of case–studies(Flavia Martinelli)

Pearl River Delta, Part I (Erik Baark)
Pearl River Delta, Part II (Ngai-Ling Sum)
London (Delphine Ancien, Frank Moulaert)
  Session 4
17:30 End of working day
Dinner arrangements

Day 2 – Saturday 17th November, 2007

Hour Activity Papers/Presentations
09:00 Session 5 – Chair: Pasquale de Muro "Case-studies, part 2: Reggio Calabria and Chicago" Brief introduction: a typology of case–studies (Flavia Martinelli)

Reggio Calabria (Flavia Martinelli)
Chicago (Nik Theodore)
  Session 5
09:45 Coffee / Tea
10:15 "Transreading the case–studies 1: Scalar accumulation, scalar politics" – Erik Swyngedouw

The paper will test/illustrate the scalar dynamics as dealt with in ABC and TSP papers by way of a detailed "scalar reading" of the case studies.
  Transreading 1
10:45 Discussants: Abdel Hamdouch – Arantxa Rodriguez
11:00 Discussion
10:15 "Transreading the case–studies 2: the tension between mainstream and alternative development: discourse, strategies and policy" (Pasquale Tridico)

The paper will test/illustrate the tension between mainstream and alternative development (discourse, strategies and policy) in ABC and TSP papers.
  Transreading 2
12:00 Discussants: Jim Segers – Stefano Prezioso – Pavlos Delladetsima
12:20 Discussion
13:30 Lunch
14:15 Session 6 – Chair: Stuart Cameron "Towards an alternative observatory for socio–economic development: Questions and suggestions to the panel" – Andreas Novy and Pasquale de Muro This paper will serve as a starting point for the panel discussion at 14:45   Session 6
14:45 Session 7 – Chair: Ngai–Ling Sum Panel debate on an alternative observatory for socio–economic development: Stuart Cameron, Albert Martens, Jenny Chan, Helga Leitner, Peter Taylor, Andreas Novy, Pasquale de Muro.
Followed by general discussion
  Session 7
16:30 Future plans: Post–DEMOLOGOS (Andreas Novy)
17:00 Closing words (Stuart Cameron)
17:00–19:00 Drinks for delegates in Courtyard Bar
17:00–18:30 DEMOLOGOS Partners meeting in GURU space, Claremont Tower
19:00 Social Dinner in Courtyard Restaurant
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