Demologos Calendar:

(Official start date: 1st May 2004; Effective start date: 1st September 2004)

D: Deliverable Mi: Milestone P: Partner
PR: Progress Report WS: Workshop WP: Workpackage

*Scientific Report dates delayed by 4 months.

'Administrative (Progress) Reports remain in accordance with the Contract.


Ref. Work-Package Reports/Milestones/Deliverables Official Month Effective Due Dates
Mil. WP1 WS1: Starting Workshop 3 28-29 Aug 04
D1.1 WP1.1 Criteria for the analysis of socio-economic development and development systems: a methodological paper (P1+P2+P4: 25 pages) 3 31 Oct 04
PR WP1.1 Progress Report to EC: including D1.1 (P1) 6 31 Oct 04
WS1 Outlines and abstracts of papers for D1.2 10 Jan 05
WS1 First drafts for D1.2 28 Feb 05
PR Progress Report to EC (P1+P2+P4) Partners send Financial Statements & Audit Reports Periodic Report Deadline 12 30 April/ 14 May/ 15 June - 05
D1.2 WP1.2 Final draft: A critical survey of literature instructing on socio-economic development models (P1+P2+P4: 120 pages) 9 31 May 05
Mi2 WP1 Evaluation of lessons drawn from D1.2 in view of the preparation of D1.3 9 31 May 05
Mi3 WP1 WS2: Methodological workshop - Check feasibility of conclusions from D1.3 as a methodological basis for WP2 12 16-18 June 05
D1.3 WP1.2 Synthesis of analytical conclusions drawn from critical literature survey 12 31 Aug 05
PR Progress Report to EC (P1+P2+P4) 18 31 Oct 05
Mi4 WP2 WS3: Presentation and discussion of focused institutional papers - Preparation of synthesis of focused institutional papers 16 31 Dec 05
D2.1 WP2 Short inter-disciplinary 'institutional' papers focusing on the dimensions of socio-economic development cited above (P1-9 in small teams: 100 pages) 16 31 Dec 05
Mi5 WP2 Evaluation of D2.2 as to its relevance as an input to the methodology for comparative case-study analysis 18 28 Feb 06
D2.2 WP2 Synthesis of institutional papers, including the synthesis of theoretical contributions from WP1. (P1+P3: 40 pages) 18 28 Feb 06
PR WP2 Progress Report to EC together with D2.2 (P1+P3) 24 30 Apr 06
Mi6 WP3 WS4: Workshop on methodology for case-study work and evaluation procedure 22 30 Jun 06
D3.1 WP3 Case study methodology (P1-4: 20 pages ea.) 24 31 Aug 06
PR WP3 Progress Report to EC: (P1-4: 35 pages) 30 31 Oct 06
Mi7 WP4 WS5: 'Midway' evaluation of multi-level socio-economic development analysis 30 28 Feb 07
D4.1 WP4 Intermediate report on study of the various spatial scales - including the international - and their interaction (P1-9: 10 pages ea.) 30 28 Feb 07
D4.2 WP4 Country reports on case studies, including substantive section on European and global levels. (P1-9: 30 pages ea.) 30 28 Feb 07
Mi8 WP4 WS6: Discussion of final results 35 31 Jul 07
Mi9 WP4 Valorisation Conference 35 31 Jul 07
D4.3 WP4 Synthesis Reports (P1: 40 pages) 36 31 Aug 07
D4.4/ PR WP4 Final Progress Report to EC - Final scientific report (P1: 130 pages) 36 31 Aug 07
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